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Twin Etheree is a doubling up on the lines of the Etheree and rhyming the couplets; this was introduced by Robert Crockett and found at Poetry Styles.

Inner Space

Whereis yourholy space?Altars in church?Sands by the ocean?Summit on the mountain?Look no further than within.Meditate in your own stillness.For where you are, God is there also,making beneath your feet a holy space.Holy spaces are not in just one place.They are … Continue reading

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Give. Live into the view that we all have a call to share our gifts. Giving uplifts our strength, nourishing divine souls wishing to reach out and share love. Anger, fear and guilt shove the desire too deep to hear … Continue reading

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The Second Journey

  Sshh. Hush. Listen. Hasten to follow, steps hollow as you run fast leaving the past in a cloud of dust. You learn to let trust and your senses guide you on paths of life anew. A second journey to … Continue reading

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