The Journey Then & Now

It began in 2012:  Writing poetry for me is a method of spiritual meditation and a way of showing my intention.  Through the words, windows have opened and insights gained into my life’s journey.  The words are my guideposts and stepping stones on the path to God’s call.  My intention is to write each and every day for a year, to be intentional and to invite God to speak to me through the words.

Now it is 2015:  I began the journey in November, 2012 and did write intentionally every day for 365 days.  It was sometimes very easy and often very hard, but I did it!  My family encouraged me and were often the ones to make sure I took the time that I needed to write.  So now is it  November, 2015 and I have realized that I need this discipline again.  I have tried to find spiritual food in other ways but it has always left me hungry.  Writing each day was organic for me and often rose out of thoughts that I know were not my own.  So here I am again, writing every day, or at least trying to, and looking forward to listening to God.

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