the view
that we all
have a call
to share our gifts.
Giving uplifts
our strength, nourishing
divine souls wishing
to reach out and share love.
Anger, fear and guilt shove
the desire too deep to hear
God, covering like veneer
hearts yearning to shed this useless
weight.  Let it go.  Feel the wondrous
expanse of your spirit opening
its arms to embrace you and aching
to push you from indifference’s womb.
You emerge, resurrected, from death’s tomb.

I first wrote this poem last year but thought it was the perfect end to my year long journey of writing each day.  I have truly been reborn in this experience of intentional writing and have been amazed by the gifts of insight I have received each and every day.

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1 Response to Rebirth

  1. scm says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Wendy:)

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