Advent 3: Joy

Keeping Watch

With care and trepidation, the shepherds
are watching their flocks under the stars,
when an angel proclaims to them
there will be a holy birth.
Imagine you are there
when the baby comes.
Fear becomes awe.
Your heart fills
with great

is found
in waiting.
Observing those
standing in our midst
for signs of His coming.
Tending the fires of our faith.
Being the shepherds to lost souls.
Staying alert to hear the angels
proclaim the advent of Christ among us.

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4 Responses to Advent 3: Joy

  1. Susan Duke says:

    Especially love— “hear the angels!”

  2. kcapshaw2014 says:

    Hi Wendy!!! I would love to share this in the next weekly … would that be ok? I assume that is ok but just wanted to check … sorry that no missed these earlier !

    Kathleen Capshaw

    Graphic Design


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