Easter People

Easter dawns
with renewed hope
in a world askew,
still reeling with discord.
We are now Easter people
transformed by the gift of God’s love
in the risen body of Jesus.
Rejoicing, we walk into the future.

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2 Responses to Easter People

  1. Catherine Hicks says:

    Wendy, I just broke into the biggest smile when I read this poem. Do you remember how every year Charles Sydnor would tell us, EVERY YEAR, that we are Easter People! And we are. I think of him saying that so often. And here it is in your poem. Easter People. Sending my love to you, one of my favorite Easter people.

    • wbgayle says:

      You told me this years ago and I remembered! This one is for you, one of my favorite Easter people. I am glad that you are able to gather back inside the lovely Easter people of St Peters. What a blessing!

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