A Journey in Hope

faith is
rusty, worn
thin by neglect.
In the midst of fear
I have lost sight of hope.
My soul yearns to journey where
joy and peace flow abundantly,
where light shines in the midst of darkness.
There I will discover my lost hope.

As Lent approaches this year, I find myself wanting a spiritual discipline to resurrect my lost hope. The world is reeling from the effects of a global pandemic and our country is more divided than ever before. Every day begins and ends with isolation and confusion. When will all this darkness be chased away by the light? I know God is in the midst of all that surrounds me and I need only open my eyes and my heart to receive the grace that is within this time. But I must make this journey to exercise my hope. It is easy to be overwhelmed by events and see only the dark side. But on the edge of light there is hope. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, my goal is to post every day until Easter as a journey in hope.

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1 Response to A Journey in Hope

  1. Catherine Hicks says:

    And I’ll look forward to reading the entries. Good plan.

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