The Prayer of Presence

love the
Lord our God
with all our heart,
and with all our soul,
and with all our strength, and
with all our mind, we must put
aside all distractions.  Spend time
in prayer. . . the kind where we are quiet.
By our presence with God, we show our love.

Thanks to Catherine for a great sermon on Luke’s gospel!  Luke 10:25-37

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4 Responses to The Prayer of Presence

  1. Catherine Hicks says:

    Love this. What a cool shape. A visual of the prayer of presence, starting from a small point and sinking deeper and deeper and opening wider and wider into God’s presence and love–so glad you two could be there yesterday.

  2. Kathleen Gayle says:

    What a beautiful and reflective poem to start the long week ahead!

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