Love in the Present Tense

can we
keep up our
spirits in the
midst of turbulence
that knows no boundaries?
We are unified in our
fear, our anxiety, and our
hope for a return to normalcy.
Walls that separated us have fallen.
We are broken but together we pray
for the brave, selfless and weary ones
among us who, like Christ Jesus,
heal our wounds and make us whole.
God is at work in us.
A new day will dawn
and we’ll see the
wonder of

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Outer Limits

is no
end in sight.
Like the limits
of the horizon,
we know it exists but
the naked eye cannot see.
Have faith, dear one, it is out there
like the borderlands of the holy
where the presence of the Divine abides.

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Veil of Vulnerability

Anxious and on edge.
The veil has been torn and
the present moment feels raw.
The comfort of the past is gone.
Shrouded in vulnerability,
I follow its pathway to the future.

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Body and Soul

I am
off balance
my whole world is
tilted, sending me
careening to the ground.
It is here I meet the earth.
It has my back, solid and firm.
Faith is the firm ground of my spirit.
With this strong foundation, I cannot fall.


For those yogis out there, I found this balance practice very restorative.  Not a single tree pose! Find that place on the mat where the earth has your back.

Balance Practice from Yoga with Adriene

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A Healthy Hope

drains me
to the core.
But like the heart,
hope is a muscle
which must be exercised.
When in the throes of trouble,
the heartbeat of hope is enough.
It restores the life-giving spirit
to embrace the change taking heart in me.


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We Are All In This Together

is not
about me
but about God.
God has created
a mystical fabric
and I am but one small thread
in this eternal tapestry.
We are sewn together by God’s hands
and are bound to one another in love.

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Star Gazing

dwell in
a sense of
despair is not
a sustainable
underpinning from which
to build and support our faith.
We need to shed our anxious fear
and embrace a sense of timeless joy
with the Holy Spirit as our lodestar.

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Paradigm Shift

is hard.
pain and death will
test the boundaries
of every human being.
There is no denying it.
Instead of dwelling in the weeds,
soar above the forest and look down
at the fullness of life and be renewed.

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Glimpses of Grace

life springs
forth each day.
Babies are born.
Flowers and trees bloom.
Miracles are performed.
Even if we can’t glimpse it,
God’s grace continues to abound
spawning things deeper and more lasting.
This truth will carry us through the dark times.

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Breath of Life

have turned
inward to
ease the high stress
and anxiety
of this viral crisis.
I am saturated with
the endless reports of bad news.
I retreat into my inner space
where the rhythmic sound of my breath calms me.

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